Silver Membership

Included Membership Benefits

Charlie’s Foundation Course

Limited App Wall Access

2 Trading Room Sessions per Week

Charlie’s 3-Minute Morning Video

Silver Level Membership is geared towards traders wanting the basics of trading and a level of support and access that suits that requirement.

You will have full access to the Foundation Course which gives you the building blocks of trading.

As Charlie trades Forex, indices and commodities, that’s where the focus is.

Right from learning what a ‘pip’ is to applying the correct levels on your charts to identify pockets of trading opportunity.

You will be able to identify technical levels where trading opportunities arise and use appropriate risk and trade management accordingly.

If you’re a beginner, this level is perfect for you but, even if you have more experience, this gives you a good level of access before making the next step to Gold Level Membership.

The Silver Level ‘phone APP access gives you access to the Silver Chat Wall – for general trader chat with Members and with Charlie.

You can discuss all things market related with Charlie and other Members and Traders.

Online Trading Room

By accessing two online Trading Room Sessions a week, you are able to join Gold and Platinum Members in a *live*, online Trade Room environment.

Just look at the typical weekly room diary to see the types of Room Sessions you will be able to access.

So, that’s at least 8 hours of real time content each month!

Plus, your own Chat Wall within our APP!

Each week, you will be notified of your two FREE Sessions.

Even if you can’t make them live, the recordings of those Sessions will be made available to you so you can view them at your leisure.

AND, on top of that, you will receive Charlie’s 3-minute Morning Video Analysis too!

Become a Silver Level Member

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