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Live Online Trading Room

In the live Trading Room, you get to see all my trades as I take them.

And if you’re unable to attend the Room…

You’ll still receive the trade alerts from my Mobile APP.

And to give you an idea of how I trade inside the Room…

I’ve included a screenshot below of my open positions at the time from my trading platform.

By looking at my entry prices in relation to the current market price…

You’ll see that I trade longer-term moves that I plan on holding for several weeks or even months.

And I scale into these trades by adding in more positions.

Challenge account P and L

In addition to the live trading…

You also get access to all my analysis – revealing the ‘behind the scenes’ view of how I approach trading.

As well as live training sessions to improve your technical skills and trading psychology

This is where my senior traders and I impart our decades of trading experience onto you.

And we answer any questions you may have so you can improve your trading results.

Besides the Trading Room, you also have direct access to me and the community with my mobile APP.

And for your convenience, all these live room sessions are recorded.

So you can discover all the trading gems you missed in the session replay.

Here’s an inside view of the live Trading Room.

Online trading room

Each week, you’ll have access to a huge variety of trading and training sessions that you can join.

The weekly schedule will vary slightly depending on the news releases that the Senior Members and I are trading.

So you’ll receive a diary of the week ahead to know which sessions you want to attend.

I start off each day with an early analysis session.

This is where I run through the key markets for the day and the trading opportunities that could arise. 

And this is followed by several sessions to give you live coaching throughout the day.

These include:

Live trading sessions

Technical sessions

Mindset sessions

Open mic sessions

Swing trading sessions

And so much more!

Here’s what a typical week inside our live trading room looks like.

Trading room calendar

Fully authorised Challenge Account

If you’re interested in low-input trading, have your trading account professionally managed for you.

Simply connect your account to my master account…

And you’ll have my Challenge Account trades copied directly into your trading account.

Keep in mind that this is an aggressive trading account where I aim to make above-average performance per year.

And to give you an idea of what my equity curve looks like on this aggressive account…

This is the original challenge account statement. Client challenge accounts are traded less aggressively but the trading is very similar other than that.

Account statement

Lastly, it’s important to state that the member challenge accounts are fully authorised under the London & Eastern LLP (who are FCA regulated – ref 534484).

*Past performance is not always indicative of future returns.

Foundation Course

This course gives you the building blocks of trading the financial markets.

In particular, trading forex, indices and commodities.

I take you from learning what a ‘pip’ is…

All the way to marking up your charts and identifying trading opportunities.

After completing this course, you will be able to identify technical levels where trading opportunities arise.

And use appropriate risk and trade management accordingly.

This is the perfect course to work through if you are a beginner trader.

Masterclass Series

My Masterclass Series gives you ALL the trading knowledge I’ve gained over the past 24 years.

From this course alone, you’ll have all the tools I use to trade the financial markets. 

And you’ll benefit from all my experience as a professional trader.

Here are the topics that my masterclass series covers:

Multiple timeframe analysis to fine-tune your trade entries.

Bands, momentum, sentiment and divergence theory to decode the ‘hidden language’ of the markets.

How to identify high-probability setups with large reward-to-risk ratios.

Profitable trading strategies broken down step-by-step for forex, gold, oil and the S&P 500.

How to properly manage your emotions to optimise your trading performance.

Developing the ‘trader mind’ – the key to long-term profitability.

Risk protocols to flatline drawdown and avoid blowing your trading account.

The right way to journal your trades that fast-tracks your trading progress. 

How to dissect the weekly economic calendar to determine the best and worst times to be trading.

The steps that you need to take in order to become a full-time trader.

How to find the perfect balance between trading and your personal life.

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Get 2 months FREE with an annual membership!


Razvan A

On 23rd August it will be one month since I bought the Courses. Following almost all the trades I have a 12% return on my trading account and other trades have opened up now, but if I closed them I’d be 38% up in just one month.

Richard H

The only person I have seen to make money in real time is Charlie Burton and having seen this in the trading room over the years I would say there is an ‘X Factor’ here as there was a long-term consistency. 

Chris E

Before meeting you I can’t even call what I was doing trading. Since joining 3 months ago I have already made back all that I lost in my previous small account and covered the cost of the courses taken. I was nervous when I joined that I would be out of my depth but between the courses and your patient style of teaching in the room, this has happily not been the case.

Matt C

I’ve paid off the training and more with your analysis as you have seen trades in markets I didn’t usually look at, and your use of bands and momentum have been a great addition to my trading strategy.

I normally swing trade as I work 2 weeks on/off at sea but I’m looking to day trade a little more actively on my time off over the coming year.

I’m not very chatty in the room as I don’t normally have much to add but just thought I should drop you a line to say thanks.

Dean M

I would specifically like to say thank you to Charlie. He has really had a big impact on my journey as a trader thus far and I take a great deal of inspiration from him and the fact that he puts his neck on the line week in and week out. I have been trading for 4 years now and the journey has been great, partly because whenever I found myself in a drawdown I would always ask myself “what would Charlie do”?

Karl A

I’d forgotten how much education goes on in the Room to be honest; always something useful and every point is backed up by examples (usually recent ones) from charts where you actually show what you have done or why something is or isn’t a good idea. Great Trading Room & good session today!


Satnam B

Absolutely ask and you shall receive is a biblical principal, but it’s good to know that the support is there. I am most grateful for your ongoing assistance, I know that you are doing your job but you have been exceptional. And Charlie’s educational videos and live analysis have radically improved my finances. 

Rob D

Just writing this testimonial about Charlie and Charlie Burton trading! Honestly, Charlie is brilliant!! He’s always there for us and always willing to go the extra mile too for him to help us in any way! I’ve learnt so much from Charlie with his techniques and most importantly his mindset which is the most important factor in becoming a successful trader!! The community is amazing at CBT with Seventy Seven and also Beamer sharing their thoughts on the markets to give variety!! Highly recommend if you want to become a successful trader!! 

Ian S

Charlie Burton Trading is simply the best – Charlie is extremely knowledgeable, the training videos are informative across all aspects of trading and easy to follow, the strategies and systems are clearly explained, the software is very intuitive but simple to set up, the support is excellent, the live session which happen more than once a day are superb, and there is a great community in the live room. And on top of all that is has provided a profitable revenue stream, what more could anyone


Become a Gold Level Member

Get 2 months FREE with an annual membership!