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3 ways to get involved TODAY and grow your trading journey

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Trading the financial markets is very much a personal journey, but you need not be alone. Being part of a community of traders will help improve your knowledge and skills, plus empower you to have top flight performance across all parts of trading, not just P&L.

The reason I’ve created this community is because I realised there’s 3 things missing from traditional trading education.

  1. Transparency. Very few education companies have professional money managers who can back up what they teach. Most hide behind historical chart analysis or backtest spreadsheets that don’t actually work in the real world of trading.
  2. Real trading. Our members have a live online trading room and app where they get to see my trades as I take them. Members also have the opportunity to copy trade my aggressive trading challenge account, or even join my low risk fund.
  3. Class leading education. As a result of trading over 20 years and having won competitions, completed challenges, managing a fund and even been filmed trading for the BBC, I have a huge amount of resources to tap into what traders need to be successful.

So in a way, I’ve been forced into creating this community so that our members can be empowered to trade to their own potential. I will help guide you on your journey. More than that, I will be walking every step of that journey with you so you know you have not only me, but a strong community of traders around you too

This community has been put together with the help of some of my most experienced traders, but also Sam Brett who has been working with me for the past 14 years. She is our mother hen. The person members can speak with who is there to help them with such small things as member login details, to helping new members with the type of trading package most appropriate to them

Foundation trading

Silver level members have direct access to the foundation level course, which is perfect for both new and limited experience traders …

Private trading community

Trading sessions are held across the week in our online trading room plus we have our own phone APP so we can chat directly outside of the room

Masterclass video trading courses

As part of gold level membership, you have full access to my entire approach to trading video set. All accessed from within the members area with a total of over 10 hours of content! See our memberships pages for more information

Automated trading software

Platinum members also have access to our artificial intelligence automated trading software. Simply input how you want it to trade, run back tests in 30 seconds and when you’re ready, connect to your account. See our memberships pages for more details

Challenge account

For gold members and above, you can connect a trading account to Charlie’s aggressive trading challenge account which is authorised under the umbrella of London & Eastern who are regulated by the FCA

Fund investment

For gold members and above, you can have an account traded under Charlie’s main fund which is less aggressive than the challenge account and is not limited by how much can be invested

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Online Trading Room

The online trading room gives you full immersion with the daily room sessions. It doesn’t matter what level of trader you are; everyone is welcome. Simply log in and listen along as my senior traders and I train, educate and impart all our experience in the world of trading. All done live in front of you.

Day and swing traders are welcome to come to as many sessions as you like (gold membership level) and even if you can’t make any, they are all recorded for you so you can watch them back at your own leisure.

Plus, we have full support of the trading room with our phone app where any messages I need to share can be sent directly to you – plus of course you can chat on there too!

Online trading room

Trading Sessions Throughout The Week

Trading room calendar

A typical week has many different trading sessions within it. Each week will vary due to economic news releases where I’ll want to run specific sessions over.

Most days we start off with the early analysis session where I run though the key markets for the day and look at the trading opportunities that arise. Then there will be training sessions and highly interactive sessions where members can get as involved or not as they like.

Technical sessions, mindset sessions, news release sessions, swing sessions and so much more! You’ll receive the diary for each week ahead and can come to as many sessions as you like. The trading room really is about giving you live coaching as we move through each trading day. If you have a full time job, no problem, watch the recordings plus there are evening sessions too! Many of our members have full time jobs, but with flexible working these days, many can log in on certain days that suit them anyway.

And remember, I keep you up to date via the phone app too….


Dean M

I would specifically like to say thank you to Charlie. He has really had a big impact on my journey as a trader thus far and I take a great deal of inspiration from him and the fact that he puts his neck on the line week in and week out. I have been trading for 4 years now and the journey has been great, partly because whenever I found myself in a draw down I would always ask myself “what would Charlie do”?

Matt C

I’ve paid off the training and more with your analysis as you have seen trades in markets I didn’t usually look at, and your use of bands and momentum have been a great addition to my trading strategy.

I normally swing trade as I work 2 weeks on/off at sea but I’m looking to day trade a little more actively on my time off over the coming year.

I’m not very chatty in the room as I don’t normally have much to add but just thought I should drop you a line to say thanks.

Chris E

Before meeting you I can’t even call what I was doing trading. Since joining 3 months ago I have already made back all that I lost in my previous small account and covered the cost of the courses taken. I was nervous when I joined that I would be out of my depth but between the courses and your patient style of teaching in the room, this has happily not been the case.

Karl A

I’d forgotten how much education goes on in the Room to be honest; always something useful and every point is backed up by examples (usually recent ones) from charts where you actually show what you have done or why something is or isn’t a good idea. Great Trading Room & good session today!

Fabio M

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank everyone (especially Charlie of course!). I feel like hearing him talk through certain subjects and markets is incredibly helpful and is certainly boosting my confidence in my own trading.

Razvan A

On 23rd August it will be one month since I bought the Courses. Following almost all the trades I have a 12% return on my trading account and other trades have opened up now, but if I closed them I’d be 38% up in just one month.

3 ways to get involved TODAY and grow your trading journey

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Become a member today and learn directly from Charlie

Read Charlies’ blog

Start learning Charlies’ methodology and mindset from his free videos and blog