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Are you confident in your trades?

Have you ever talked yourself out of a perfect trade?

You see a setup forming that ticks all the boxes of your trading plan.

But when the time comes to enter the market…

All the doubts start creeping in.

“It’s already gone up so much, surely it can’t go any higher…”

“What if the market reverses from here?”

“I’ll just wait for more confirmation…”

And before you know it…

You’re watching price run to your target in vain.

Because either you were too fearful to enter the trade.

Or you got scared out of it when price moved against you.

If this situation sounds familiar, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

We all have to experience these ‘growing pains’ on our trading journey.

And to help you prevent this experience from persisting any longer…

I want to share three actionable steps with you.

These steps will allow you to outwork the doubt that you feel in a trade.

And they’ll give you a complete mindset shift when you’re in an open position.

So you can gain the confidence you need to trust your setups and let them play out.=> Gain the confidence you need to trust your trades with my 3 actionable steps.