Gold Membership

Included Membership Benefits

Charlie’s Foundation Course

Charlie’s Full Masterclass Series

Unlimited App Wall Access

ALL Trading Room Sessions

ALL Trading Room Recordings

Charlie’s 3-Minute Morning Video

Charlie’s Challenge Account Access

Charlie’s Managed Fund Access

This is a Bumper Package!

Firstly, you have total access to Charlie’s Masterclass Series which gives you ALL of his trading knowledge in this full and complete Course!

Everything Charlie uses to trade, from intra-day entries to swing trading techniques, this has got the lot!

It also includes a HUGE bonus section on Trader Psychology, where Charlie shows you how you can master your own decision making to improve performance.

There is over 12 hours of content in this video series which is all there to watch from within your Members Area.

No other courses are necessary as it is all in here! This will set you up for being a Fully-Fledged Gold Member!

Just from this course alone, you will have all the tools to trade which Charlie uses and benefit from all the experiences of a professional trader.

Online Trading Room

As a Gold Level Member, you have full access to the live, online Trading Room including all the recordings from every Session.

So even if you can’t make a session, you will still be able to catchup.

There’s a huge variety of training and trading sessions from the daily ‘Morning Analysis’ through to ‘Charlie’s Clinic’, ‘Mindset Monday’ and even ‘Automation with Nik’…!

Online trading room
Trading room calendar

Have a look at a typical week however, each week will differ slightly based on what economic news releases are out that Charlie and Members may want to trade.

This means no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will get notifications through to your ‘phone on anything Charlie is doing!

FCA Regulated Challenge Account & Fund

Lastly, at this Membership Level, you can have Charlie’s fully regulated Challenge Account trades copied directly into a specific trading account for you.

This is aggressive trading under a fully regulated umbrella (London & Eastern LLP who are FCA regulated – ref 534484). 

There’s a limit of £10,000 account size per Member, plus any profits generated are expected to be withdrawn each year.

If you wanted access to more sedate trading, then of course you can access Charlie’s main Fund if you like. 

This is considered a lower risk level where Charlie typically risks up to 0.5% per trade.

This Membership Level is specifically designed for active trading at all levels, whether you’re just getting started and right up to those who have been trading 15 years or more.

The POWER is very much in this community!

This level has high interaction with Charlie and his senior traders and is for those who really want to benefit from all those *live* Sessions and APP chat each and every week!